Used Mast Sydney 47 #MAST-001 Length: 22.0 m

1. Whalespars section #250 / weight 265 kgs with spreaders and w/o standing rigging, section weighs 9.46 kgs plm + .5 kgs plm for harken track on aft face. bare tube weighs 225 kgs + internal sleeving 22 kgs + spreaders 18 kgs = 265 Kgs Total

2. Spreader sweep = 21 degrees / Y = 3.575 tip to tip / X = 562mm from back of spar to straight line tip to tip measurement line.

3. Spar has 12 volt wiring internally installed in conduit for steaming and mast head lights & B&G cabling.

4. B&G Mast Head unit available for an additional $1500 if required

Construction (Rig) Whale Spars
Material Alloy
Anodised Yes
Colour Navy
Overall mast length measurement (X)
22.0 m
Fore & aft section measurement (Y) 252
Athwartships section measurement (Z) 162
Distance from mast step (butt) to deck (datum) 1.910 to collar
Distance from datum to boom vang fitting .170
Distance from datum to boom gooseneck fittting 1.570
Distance from datum to1st spreader 6.64
Distance from datum to 2nd spreader 12.89
Distance from datum to mast head 20.2
Distance from datum to topping lift sheave 13.25
Distance from datum to genoa sheave 18.46
Distance from datum to spin halyard sheave 20.0
Distance from datum to main halyard sheave 20.0
Distance from datum to backstay attachment 20.2
Distance from datum to lowers attachment 6.54
Mast track profile 22mm Ronstan RCB with internal bolt rope
Mast track sail slide part # Ronstan double car
Length of pole car track 5m
Pole track profile 32mm Harken
Sheeves scored for wire or rope Rope

Additional Specifications

Construction RigWhale Spars
AdditionalThis used mast was originally off a Sydney 47 yacht "St Jude". Boom also available (see separate product listing). Located in Sydney. No free freight.

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