5.3m x 10mm Dyneema Rope (WTR-082)

Tech Specs:

  • Construction: Dyneema Core w/ Polyester + Vectran Blend Cover
  • Colour: Black / Tan Blend
  • Rating: A combination of 4/10
  • Current Finishes: Nil

Finish Options:

  • Option 1: Nil, Rope "As Is Where Is"
  • Option 2: Basic Re-splice
  • Option 3: Premium Re-splice

Options 2 & 3 increase the length specified in the listing by 2.5 metres


  • Basic Re-splice: 3.0m Tapered Tip & Long Eye Splice
  • Premium Re-splice: 3.0m Taper incl. 1.0m Anti-chafe Tip & Long Full-cover Eye Splice

This listing offers three different finish options for the same length of rope. Please do not attempt to purchase multiple variations of this listing.


Additional Specifications

SKU WTR-082-1

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