Harken Unit 1 Reflex 16m #7351.10.16m

The compact drive unit is easier to handle than other designs. Pull the furling line and the drive unit reacts reflexively to rotate the torsion cable, immediately transferring torque to the head swivel without unwanted corkscrewing delaying the response. The head swivel reacts instantly, spinning the sail smoothly and completely from top to bottom for an even roll-up and super-tight wrap. The furled spinnaker lowers easily to the deck, ready for the next hoist. The quick-release modular T-fitting allows single drive unit to handle multiple sails

Sail type: Asymmetric spinnaker 
Maximum sail area: 112 m²
Cable length: 16.15 m
Line Ø: 6 mm
Maximum working load: 1500 kg
Includes: Drive unit, head swivel, Reflex tack swivel terminal, snap shackle threaded adapter, Reflex torsion cable, and clamps

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