Lazy Jack Boom Bag 5.3mtrs #QSQ-034

This stack pack boom bag makes hoisting and dropping your mainsail seamless and protects your sail from the sun and weather. Features built-in lazy jack system. This bag is brand new - never been used (may have some factory floor soiling). RRP $1964
Missing lazy jack lines (price has been discounted)
RATING 10/10
BAY 58

Length - 5.3mtrs,
Height front - 1.25mtrs,
Height back - 60cm

More measurements-

Distance from front of cover to ;

-  front batten pocket 0.17

- 1st LJ webbing loop 1.15

- 2nd 2.3

- 3rd 3.0

- 4th 4.17

- aft end of batten pocket 5.4

- end of cover 5.57

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