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Save on new and used sails. Zero-risk, flexible payment terms available


$49 Australia-wide

$99 international freight


Guarantee – 30-days to try your sail – our expert team gives you peace of mind


10% off new sails when you trade in your used sail for re-sale, re-use or recycling

Great sails for great value

Great sails for great value

At Sail Exchange, we believe that you, the sailor should be at the helm when choosing sails for your boat. Whether you need high-performance sails for ocean racing, durable sails for ocean cruising, or great value new or used sails, Sail Exchange's process makes it easy. Just measure your boat, upload the data and we will show you new and used sails that will fit. Add accessories, place your order and we will freight your sail to anywhere in the world. It's that simple. Your sails will be designed by a world-leading sail designer using the latest 3-D digital technologies to deliver maximum performance and durability outcomes. They will be manufactured from best-in-class sail fabrics in leading sail lofts. And they come with a water-tight 100% money back guarantee.

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What Sail Exchange Customers Say About Us

Dudley from San Francisco sent us a photo of the used genoa he bought from us – thanks Dudley, looks awesome!

Dudley from San Francisco

This beautiful asymmetric spinnaker was delivered by us in May 2021

Peter Sluce

Roz shows us the power of her new Big Mumma!

Roz Porz

Don't Panic looking powerful with her new asymmetric

Don't Panic

Julian shows us his new asymmetric.


Stephen from NZ shared this fabulous photo of his new asymmetric

Stephen Lowe

Jim shared this picture of his new genoa flying down wind

Jim Ward

Mystique II putting her spinnaker to good use

Tim Freeman

We have bought a furling jib and a boom bag and even though we can only afford to buy the cheaper older gear we have always been pleasantly surprised with the quality and service that we received


I think it is great to reduce waste from sailing and the re-use of sails and other gear is an important step. Equally the availability of quality gear for hire is also important to reduce waste and make the sport more affordable


Great service on a purchased product that was not the same measurements as advertised online. Carl is great to deal with and super helpful. Cheers


Sail Exchange has the best products/sails at the best price with the best expert advice to go with it!


They gave great feedback, amazing customer service, they really wanted to know my problem so they could help get the best solution, ie the best sail


We are from Cyprus, Sail Exchange is in Australia. We saw the sails and other equipment on their web page, we asked for specs and condition.. we got exactly what we ordered, and more!


We recently bought a spinnaker from you and it's been excellent! I have recommended you to all of my cruising friends. Service is excellent


Good service and affordable option for life raft hire. Items I have bought online have been good value/quality and quick delivery


I have ordered three sails on the website from France over the past 9 months including the blue spinnaker in the photo. The sails have been as per the rating and description on the website. Shipping logisitics to France was seamless.

I will be back for more...


Benoit – France

Purchased a sail that is actually BRAND NEW, made by Rolly Tasker. Price was $440 AUD, yes that's $440, NOT $1440. Quality is very good, built the same as an original Hobie sail. Ordered on Friday, received it Monday 700mi away. Will be telling clubmates and ordering from Sail Exchange in the future. Highly recommended.

Greg – Queensland, Aus

I purchased a spinnaker online from Sail Exchange. Even with the freight cost from Australia to Italy, I have made great savings. Thank you for offering the option to purchase affordable secondhand sails! Grazie

Riccardo – Italy

Big thank you to Sail Exchange for the great job you did on my genoa. It works really well and seems sturdy enough to take the punishment for many years. Thank you for your work and prompt delivery to Birkenhead Marina, all at short notice!

Jim Ward, NSW Aus

Putting you at the helm

Putting you at the helm

  • Our four-step process make is easy to find the perfect new, used or custom sail for your boat and make big savings
  • Our expert team have decades of experience in sail design, construction and sailmaking
  • 100% money back guarantee – 30-days to try your sail
  • A sustainable solution for sailors – consign your used sails with us for resale, reuse, repurpose or recycling
  • Save hundreds or thousands of dollars on new and used sails
  • Flexible payment terms are available
  • Fixed price freight – $49 Australia-wide and $99 international, for new sails ordered online
  • 10% off new sails when you trade in used sails of a similar size
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