About Us

The “Sail Exchange” has been developed to “repurpose” racing and cruising sails, in doing so giving boat owners a fresh source of affordable sails with plenty of life left in them.
Our unique strength comes from our data base holding the details of 10,000 rigs and its custom built ability to automatically match them with a data base of 1,000 + sails.
We’ve also combined the reselling of new sails, used sails plus sailing related hardware and apparel onto a simple, single website to provide all customers with the best value.
With the entire “Sail Exchange” team spending a lifetime in the sail making and marine industry, we offer the following services:

  1. New sails from the major brands whilst effectively “trading- in” your old sails through our New Sail suppliers .
  2. Taking used sails on consignment and providing 2 options of payment.
  3. Offering used sails with a sail making service to custom fit to your boat.
  4. A single site to package and price sails plus sail handling hardware, clothing, apparel & more.
  5. Servicing your sails, having them cleaned via our partners at “Vacuwash” , then recording and logging your sail’s details onto our site - even if you’re currently using them.  When we find a customer we can then offer you a replacement new or used sail, allowing you to effectively and seamlessly upgrade your sail inventory.

The "Sail Exchange" has also been developed to assist in the process of "Reverse Logistics". Reverse Logistics is for all operations related to the reuse of products & materials. More precisely, in our case it is "the process of moving goods from their typical final destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal". Remanufacturing & refurbishing activities also may be included in the definition of reverse logistics for example repurposing sails with alterations and hardware. Growing green concerns & the advancement of green supply chain management concepts & practices make The Sail Exchange process even more relevant.  One of the primary factors of our business is to capture the remaining value of used sails & being able to recover that value with our unique valuation model per square meter to provide refurbished products to end users within a transparent pricing model.  As a last measure The Sail Exchange shreds unusable sails to create filling for certain items eg-bean bags & cushions to avoid landfill & to genuinely 100% recycle used sails.


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