Sail Recycling Artists

Not all of our second hand sails end up back on boats. Some sails are in an unusable condition, however these are still repurposed. 


Many of our sails go to artists around Australia for various art shows and installations. 

Edwina Cooper

Edwina Cooper is an artist based in South Australia who has re-purposes sails from the Sail Exchange for an artwork. The artwork entitled 'Primal: Oceanic Space' is based in Streaky Bay, South Australia. 

View a video about her artwork HERE


Kate Scardifield

Kate is another artist that has been a customer of Sail Exchange. Kate has used second hand spinnakers in her artwork The lighter a thought the more it risesThis was showcased at The University of Sydney's college of the arts The Fauvette. 

Sail Products

Our sails can also be used to make bags and other accessories. 

NautiBags- Stacey Jackson

Sailor Stacey Jackson has her own business hand making bags out of recycled sails. Products on NautiBags include tote bags, clutch bags, toiletries bags as well as water bottle holders for your boat! 

Drink Bottle Holder

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