Code 0 (New) #CCZ-153155 IN STOCK

This Code Zero is rated 10/10.  Brand new - never been used. Sail in stock for immediate delivery.

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Characterised as a Cruising Code Zero. The CCZ-153155 is a close reaching sail capable of near upwind sailing in light winds due to the sectional and edge shapes and broad reaching in moderate plus winds due to the high clew that lets the sail fly away from the boat.

Sail includes:

Anti-Torsion Luff Cable (including thimbles) CLICK HERE TO VIEW CABLE

Thimble to be selected for your Brand & Model of Furler CLICK HERE (price is included in the sail purchase)

Velcro sewn on clew patch to enable sail to remain furled

Soft clew constructed from sewn on webbing (no stainless ring)

UV Weathermax sun cover on the leech and foot of sail

Sail bag provided

Approximate LOA - 12.4m

Mid girth - 59%

Cable pin to pin measurement - 15.5m

Sail Luff measurement - 15.3m

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Additional Specifications

Sail TypeCode 0
SKU CCZ-153155
Material TypeLaminate Dimension Polyant DP CZ 60 Silver
ConstructionTri Radial
AttachmentLuff Cable (pin to pin measurement - 15.5m)
Rating out of 1010
Gross Weighttba kg
Sail Area62.62
AdditionalDelivery - in stock for immediate delivery

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