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Sail Numbers 300 mm (Boat Size 3.5-8.5m) - ONLY AVAILABLE WITH NEW BUILD SAIL ORDERS

SKU: BB-NO12-Black-1

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Sail numbers are only available when you purchase a new build sail.

For one off orders we recommend contacting your local sailmaker.

12 inch ( 300 mm) sail numbers in Black, Blue or Red

If you require a letter other than A, U, S please order a SQUARE so you can cut out your own letter

We recommend this size sail number for boats 3.5 - 8.5mtrs long and below

Order procedure -

1 - select COLOUR (eg - BLACK)

2 - select a NUMBER or a LETTER or a SQUARE (eg "1")

3 - enter the amount of units you require (eg 2)

4 - if you require more numbers/letters/square then repeat