A-symmetric extension silver with E-GRIP #SPEA/900SG

Compact telescopic extensions shaped for precision helming


  • Oval Handle (EA) Telescopic in four standard lengths
  • Designed for the hardest conditions, to reduce the strain and increase the sheer enjoyment of helming
  • The Asymmetric grip improves helming performance with:
    • More feedback - for accurate and precise control
    • More mobility maintains the best helming position for optimum trim and visibility
    • Less fatigue- correct helming position reduces back pain and improves concentration
    • Allows two handed helming with arms relaxed into a more comfortable, elbows-down position
  • Push-button adjustment with Torlon™ ball locking mechanism
  • Strong stainless-steel swivel joint for precise control
  • Removable fast pin for easy stowage Integral shock absorber

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