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New Spinnaker Box Sail Bags -

Ideal bag for spinnaker storage. A spinnaker box bag allows for easy storage and access to your spinnaker. Straps over the top of the bag make the bag easy to carry and move around your boat, allowing for on deck or below deck storage. The bag promotes easy spinnaker sets and drops by giving easy access to spinnaker corners through the open top.

Multiple bag sizes are available to suit your spinnaker size.

Prices vary
Size Options:

Size Dimensions (LxWxH) Suitable for Sails with Sail Area
56 x 38 x 35.5 cm 30-70sqm
66 x 46 x 41cm 60-100sqm
90 x 51 x 46cm 80-120sqm
99 x 53 x 53cm 110-150sqm
110 x 56 x 61cm 140-180sqm
122 x 61 x 66cm 160-200sqm

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