Yankee Monohull High Clewed Headsail (NEW BUILD) #YRF-200

This High clewed Dacron Yankee Roller Furling Headsail is rated 10/10. 

Brand new. White UV Weathermax sun cover. Sail bag provided.

This is a new build with a 21 business day production. Worldwide delivery.

Design brief - This High Clewed Dacron headsail has been designed as a Yankee and could also be considered as a Jib Top. With the luff being 20% longer than the leech it high clewed to allow the bow wave to pass under the foot as well as enabling good vision below the foot. Monohulls that require high clewed sheeting to tracks on the gunwhale at the working deck height necessitate a specific sail geometry with a high clew.  Additionally, the typical fixed rig without adjustment requires a careful balance between forestay sag and designed sail depth.  These factors are addressed by the Sail Exchange Yankee Roller Furling (YRF) line.

Approximate LOA - 16.20m

Additional Specifications

Sail TypeBrand new Roller Furling Yankee
Material Weight10 oz
Material TypeDacron
Attachment#6 Luff tape (5.5mm)
BagDraw string round bag
Rating out of 1010
Sail Area71.56

This is a new build with a 21 business day production

> Worldwide delivery

> 30 day 100% money back guarantee

> 15% off the price of any new sail if you trade in the old one of similar size

> Australia Wide Freight for new sails is $49.00

> International Freight for new sails ordered online is $99.00

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