Asymmetrical Spinnaker (NEW BUILD) #ASP-175

This Asymmetrical Spinnaker is rated 10/10 so is brand new. . Colour of spinnaker - White.

This is a new build with a 21 business day production. Worldwide delivery.

CLICK HERE to view a short video of the sail in action.

Characterised as an All-Purpose asymmetric spinnaker the ASP-175 uses a horizontal sectional shape similar to a close reaching spinnaker. Vertical curvature is added to support the mid-girth width and provide some running orientation.


Drawstring sail bag provided. 

Spinnaker sheets are available as an add-on, see drop down below

Sail numbers can be easily installed, if required CLICK HERE

Spinnaker Snuffer/Sock also available in a variety of sizes CLICK HERE



Additional Specifications

Sail TypeAsymmetrical Spinnaker
Material WeightFibermax 44/64 (.9 oz/1.5oz)
Material TypeNylon
ConstructionTri Radial
Rating out of 1010
Foot9.223 (SHW-8.77)
Sail Area121.59
AdditionalThis is a new build with a 21 business day production

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